Diamond Valley Autocare

307 Diamond Creeek Road, Plenty 3090


Phone: (03) 9432 3867,   Phone 1300 266 844   Fax: (03) 9432 1822


  • Frequently Asked Questions:


    Q:  Will it affect my manufactures warranty if my car is serviced by you?

    A:  Not at all. We use all OE quality parts and lubricants. This will not affect your warranty.


    Q:  How often should I check my tyre pressures?

    A:  At least once a month, we are happy for you to pull in anytime & have your tyres & pressures checked.


    Q:  Are wheel Rotations necessary?
    A:  Yes. This can in some cases double the life of your front tyres.


    Q: Why are tyres so different in price ? Is there really that much difference in quality?
    A: Definitely. The quality difference in the tyres is enormous. The main qualities that differ are the grip and life construction of the tyre.


    Q: Do I need to make a booking for a service?
    A : Yes. Its best to call a number of days in advance.